Happy New Year!

Megan & Emily Happy New Year!

As 2017 wraps up I wanted to send a “Thank you” note to everyone.  It’s been a hard year & an amazing year.   Megan is now three and attends preschool while Emily has turned one and has started walking!

Thank you for working with me as I adjusted to life as a mom of two kids.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your quilts.

Thank you for your patience as I needed flexibility when Megan cut her chin in February & then later broke her leg in September.

Thank you for your feedback on designs.  I’m always listening to what new styles or themes that interest my customers.

Looking ahead (now that I’m out of the deep forest of the 1st year), I’m tossing around the idea of doing some Facebook Live updates, so be sure to “like” Ormond Beach Quilts.  I also plan to release a few more quilting patterns now that I *think* I have some time in the evenings!

I look forward to 2018 with open arms.  I’m eager to continue longarming for you & watch my girls grow.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.  Let’s go forward together & finish quilts!

Meet Emily! (And I’m Back at Work!)

Meet Emily!

This little bundle of joy joined our family on October 26, 2016!

It’s been an amazing adventure so far!  Some of her favorite things include:
– nursing
– nursing
– sleeping only while being held
– dreaming about nursing while sleeping 😉

We’re incredibly blessed everything has gone so well!  So well in fact that I’ll be accepting quilts again beginning Friday, November 18th.  If you have a quilt you’d like done in time for the holidays, please reach out to me as soon as possible so I can put you on my schedule!



News & Updates

Quick news update for everyone!

Things are going along merrily over here at Ormond Beach Quilts.  Here are some big items to take note of:

  1. I’ve added an Intelliquilter computerized quilting system to my APQS longarm.  This was a large decision to make but one I feel is best for my business & family.  For the past 4 years I’ve specialized in hand-guided edge-to-edge & custom quilting & I loved every minute of it!  I feel that this is the right time to transition to computerized edge-to-edge quilting as our little family of three will soon be four!
  2. Yes!  You did read that correctly!  We are expecting our second daughter in November!  We are over the moon with excitement!
  3. So, what about the business then?  Will I still be longarming?  YES!  The last day I will accept quilts will be on October 1.  I will begin working again on Thanksgiving so I will still be able to help you finish your holiday quilted gifts!
  4. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much & I’m not sure how much I will be doing in the future, HOWEVER, I am active on posting to my Facebook & Instagram pages, so I encourage you to follow me on those sites for the latest updates, pictures of quilts & of course, baby pictures!
  5. I do understand not everyone is on social media, so I’m also starting a newsletter.  If you’d like to be added, please fill out the form below or the form on the sidebar of my website:

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Lastly, thank you so much for all of your support this year!  I’ve had a wonderful time helping you finish those stacks of quilts & I can’t wait to quilt some more!

September Blocks for BELIEVE do.good stitches

Hi everyone!  I’m hosting the bee for the BELIEVE’s circle September quilt!  It’s my first time & I’m very excited!

Salt Air Crossings by Andrea of Millions of Thoughts.  Free pattern found on Moda Bake Shop.

Salt Air Crossings by Andrea of Millions of Thoughts. Free pattern found on Moda Bake Shop.

We are going to be using the Salt Air Crossings Quilt tutorial found over at the Moda Bake Shop.

September do.good stitches block
Please make 1 Block A & 1 Block B.

For the “Print” fabrics, please use an orange fabric: print or solid.

For the “Solid” fabric, please use a solid white, white on white or low volume fabric.

If you’re not in our circle & would like to contribute a block, please contact me & I’ll send you my mailing address.  All blocks need to be mailed by the September 30.

Thank you & I’m very excited to see how my first bee quilt develops!


Anna’s Quilt of Valor

Good morning!

Here’s another Quilt of Valor for you! (and before you say anything, yes, I’ve been quilting lots of Quilts of Valor lately- July must have inspired everyone to support such a wonderful program!)

Anna's Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts

This was another top I received from Anna.  You may remember her quilts here & here.

Anna's Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts

It’s another beautiful scrap quilt & because I noticed there were quite a few floral fabrics, I was inspired to use my Ambrosia quilting design.

Ambrosia by Patricia Ritter, 7.25"

Since becoming involved with Quilts of Valor, I’ve started to notice them everywhere.  Which makes me wonder, have you make a Quilt of Valor?  Would you be interested if I designed a free pattern to support their cause?



Sister’s Choice Quilt of Valor

The Sister’s Choice Quilters up in Falls Church gave me several Quilts of Valor in July!

This one was pieced by Anna & it may look familiar to you- remember this quilt?  I love the simplicity of the design & how it’s a wonderful scrappy pattern.

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts

I decided to use the Seaweed panto to add movement to the quilt.

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts



It’s been a great pleasure to work with these ladies on these quilts!  I hope I have the privilege of quilting for them often.

Tuesday Tip! Scheduling Projects

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip!

It seems that we quilters/crafters/makers have a lot going on.  We’ve usually got several projects going at once & many times are working under deadlines, even if this isn’t our “work.”

I think I’ve used almost every kind of planning system out there & I’ve recently discovered one that works best for me (so far!)

The post-it note on a whiteboard system (like my super fancy name?) finally gave me everything I needed in one place.

To Do System by Ormond Beach Quilts

I simply write each individual project on a post it note & the note on the upper left hand corner has 1st priority.

On each note I quickly jot down the big bullets of the project & any pertinent notes I need to be aware of. For example, let’s say I was working on a quilt where I making the entire quilt- from choosing fabric to binding.  These would be my bullets:

  • Choose fabric/quilting pattern
  • Piece quilt
  • Longarm quilt- XXXX design
  • Bind quilt
  • Invoice quilt

Whenever I come down to the studio I can quickly assess what needs to be done that day & I can shuffle projects as needed.  I love how this gives me the flexibility to move projects around as deadlines change (which let’s face it, happens everyday).

It’s also very visual for me, a key piece I’ve learned in helping me stay organized.

I’ll add that I got inspiration for this from Pinterest but that I really simplified what I saw.  They made this very complex with different colored post-its, & categories & I have no idea what else b/c at that point my eyes glazed over.  I can see how it would be very easy to make this a “super duper organizing board,” but I noticed that when systems get involved like that, I can’t keep up.  And if my organizing system creates too much for me, well that’s not very helpful is it?  So simple & boring it is.  And it works for me.  Hopefully it might work for you too!

Amy’s Gift

July was full of quilts & new customers & I had the opportunity to meet Amy.  Amy made this beautiful quilt for a dear friend!

Amy's Gift longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
Made from pre-cut fabrics, this quilt came together quickly for her & my goodness it’s striking in person!

Amy's Gift longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
She decided to use the Ambrosia quilting design based more on the style of her friend’s home than the quilt itself, which is a brilliant idea!

Ambrosia by Patricia Ritter, 7.25"
Sometimes we make quilts & the quilt itself does not “scream” to have a particular quilting design, but when we think about the quilt’s recipient, we are immediately led to the perfect design.

I hope we’ve given you another tool to use when choosing your quilting design!

Betty’s Quilt of Valor

I received a request through Quilts of Valor to longarm in July where I volunteer to longarm 1 a month through the official website.  For July I was paired with Betty, a piecer from Pennsylvania.

She sent me a beautiful rail fence quilt.  I love how the stripes make the border pop!

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
I chose the Ambrosia quilting design as I was inspired by the pattern in the cream fabric.

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
It’s been a wonderful pleasure to be able to support such a worthy cause!

Kay’s Cross Stitch Quilt

Last Spring I had the privilege of custom quilting another of Kay’s cross stitch quilts.

Kay is actually a neighbor from our former neighborhood in Omaha, but we actually met during a Sit & Knit I hosted for a time.  While knitting I learned that Kay had cross stitched two queen size quilts back in the 80s & 90s, but never got around to having them quilted.  Lucky for her she met me 😉

I finished her beautiful gold quilt a few years ago & shortly after we moved here I got an email from her saying she found her purple quilt!  She shipped it out East & last spring I got to work.

Kay's Cross Stitch quilt, custom quilted by Ormond Beach Quilts

She wanted the quilting that was pre-printed on the fabric, which was mostly gorgeous feathers.

Kay's Cross Stitch quilt, custom quilted by Ormond Beach Quilts

It was so much fun to work on & came out beautifully!  I love how the custom quilting really accented her hand work!

Kay's Cross Stitch quilt, custom quilted by Ormond Beach Quilts
So, kudos to Kay for finishing this quilt!  It will surely be loved!