Shaun’s One Block Wonder of Hawaii

This is Shaun’s quilt. While Johnathan & I were in Hawaii, we (I should say Johnathan b/c all my choices were too “girly”) picked up some very cool blue & white Hawaiian fabric with flowers & surfboards. I had just taken the “One Block Wonder” class at the Quilt Tree. As soon as we got home, I started on this. It was the end of January & Shaun’s birthday is the middle of March. Amazingly enough I finished it in time for Fedex to overnight it to his house so he could open the day of his birthday, only to discover he was in Florida!! So a few days later when he got home, he was able to open his present & loves it! If you love wild, large prints & modern designs, I highly recommend this pattern. The book by Maxine Rosenthal is self explanatory & from all the finished tops I saw in my class, there’s never a bad finished project!

3 thoughts on “Shaun’s One Block Wonder of Hawaii

  1. I love OBW quilts. I have done a mini-one, but not one so big. I love the blue and white too. Can you post a picture of the original fabric?

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