Yesterday while I was nervously awaiting call backs from interviews that I had on Friday & Monday, I got it into my head that I wanted to make croissants. I’ve never made them before, nor have I attempted a pastry of this difficulty before. But what the heck- I couldn’t leave the house, so why not try making them! I started at 1 in the afternoon. I heated milk to exactly 120 degrees. I kneaded, rolled, raised, refrigerated, pounded butter, kneaded, folded into thirds, refrigerated over & over again until finally at 9pm Johnathan & I sat down to eating wonderful, fluffy, delicate, light, buttery croissants! It was magnificent! I don’t believe I have EVER made a better yeast bread! Here’s an upclose pic: It was a fantastic experience! I can’t wait to try more pastries now! I think I want to make éclairs next. Or maybe Brioche.

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