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George Washington’s View of the Potomac & Gardens

A few weeks ago J & I finally visited Mount Vernon. The grounds are beautiful & it was very interesting to see some of his experiments. One the concept of “fenceless animal pens.” Since fences are costly, financially & timely, to maintain, he tried digging very large ditches to prevent livestock from wondering. In the end though it failed & the animals simply got hurt/stuck in the ditch & he went back to fences. But hey, he gave it a shot.
The top photo is a view from his back porch of the Potomac. Really nice. Very serene.
Here’s also a picture of his garden, inspired by the classical Engligh gardens. Symmetrical while creative. The design here would work fabulous as a quilting pattern.

We didn’t go into the mansion though, the line was long & not moving, & it was too beautiful of a day to be inside with other tourists. So we simply roamed around the estate. It was a wonderful relaxing day & made me eager to have a house where I can garden.
So now my thoughts are going to what to plant in our new house. I like the idea of using native plants- it works easier with the soil & overall maintenance. (I never understood those people in Texas who wanted a green lawn in August. It’s Texas! & for most of my life I swear they were in a drought!) But I’m not sure what native Nebraskan plants would be. Grass? Whatever we choose they need to be wind resistant though. The current owners planted some hoseas & by the time we got to the inspection the wind had essentially destroyed them. What fun adventures ahead of us!

Onerva Complete!

I finished the Onerva Shawl yesterday! What a relief to have that done. It’s a fun pattern, only it requires a bit of concentration that I don’t have much of at the moment. I ended up making small edits to my charts & then as the repeats increased, I simply “read” the lace & took the stitch patterns from other lines. So in the end I had about 3 magnets showing me where I was on my chart. At that point I just wanted to finish the darn thing b/c I knew that if I didn’t pick it up until after moved, I’d spend more time figuring out what the bijeebers I was doing. But it’s done. Only need to block it & that can wait until after the move.

I’m now back to the minimalist cardigan. It didn’t get done in time for the trip. I brought it along to work on in Omaha & finished one sleeve. I rummaged around in my suitcase for the last skein of yarn & low & behold I managed to bring 4 skeins of sock yarn & 1 skein baby yarn (all for about 4 projects) but somehow I missed the green alpaca needed for the last sleeve! But it’s all good now & the last sleeve is currently being knitted. I would like to say I could finish it today, but I’m knee deep in all sorts of things that need to be done for the move.


We are at the weekend! Finally! It’s been a LONG week. But tonight we are going to have dinner at Mount Vernon & then tomorrow we’re going to the Cherry Blossom Festival on the Mall! Then Sunday we might go to Annapolis. Whew!

I do have some knitting goals though:
1. I want to finish the 1st pink skein on the granny square baby blanket
2. Sew on the cute buttons on the fake Baby Suprise Jacket
3. Finish charting the lace for the Onerva shawl.