Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. Rather ordinary day, until J called me & said he didn’t have to work until 7pm! So we decided to go out to dinner & I decided to get my hair cut- it was getting a bit scraggly. Since we thought J was going to be working during my birthday, he actually gave me my present last week:
Soap from the Napa Soap Company. These smell fantastic! Nice & light & calming! & the names are great too: Cabernet Soapignon, Tea-no Grigio!

He also got me a wonderful bottle of wine, Rosenblum Vineyard Desiree Chocolate Wine. If you want a decadent dessert wine, try this out. It has a wonderful warm chocolate aroma that change your mind about ports.
Also, this weekend since J was working I spent 3 1/2 hours seaming my minimalist cardigan! You remember, the one I wanted to finished before coming to Omaha the FIRST time. Well it’s all done now & despite the 90 degree temps yesterday, I modeled the 100% pure alpaca sweater for photos:
Thing I learned in this project:
– wrapping stitches
– short row shaping
– 3 needle bind off
– when people told me alpaca grows, they weren’t kidding. I think I got an extra 2 inches in the initial blocking. (note that this did NOT happen when I swatched! The swatch LIED!)
So, overall a beautiful sweater in which I was able to learn & polish several techniques (first time I ever kitchenered a non sock!). This cardigan makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Maybe you can kitchener some mittens…? it’s never to early to start on cold weather items to ship back east.

  2. Happy belated B-day! Found out from Suez the other day. I’m glad that you and the hubby were able to go out and have a nice dinner. I’ll keep my eyes out on the wine. It sounds so good. Yum!

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