Productive Thursday!

It was a very productive Thursday! I finished my Maeve socks:

They came out great! I used Rock Creek Yarn’s Cable-icious BFL Sock Yarn. She’s a local dyer in the DC Metro area & I’m in love with her yarn! I was worried that there would not be enough yarn, b/c cables usually eat up yarn like there’s no tomorrow, but I was fine- even have some left over for that Sock Blankie I’m going to make some day.
So now I think I will cast on for Aerang. It’s part of Obscuriosity‘s KAL. And I just discovered the designer is owner/part owner of a shop in Baltimore I visited one time. Small world!
The other significant accomplishment for yesterday was the garden plot. Per some neighbors, it was put in by the orginal owners. But the people who had the house before us (evil people I don’t really like) left it go & when I got to it, it was chock full of grass. So, several very hard days of hoeing, & ripping out roots & hoeing & ripping out weeds & blisters, etc, etc, etc, it was finally ready to put topsoil on! So since J & I have pretty much switched cars (the Civic is far more practical for his commute & the Jeep is better for me since I go to Lowe’s on a regular basis), I lined the back of the Jeep (per J’s request!) & bought soil. Hauled it to the garden plot & went back to Lowe’s to by more. Finally after 6 bags, I was good.
So the crop this year will consist of:
Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

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