Well, it was a very busy weekend here. I set out to organize the quilting studio. So that the business can start! Hopefully my sewing table will be here Friday & then I just have to order a work table. At that point, the doors can officially open! I’ve been really busy planning & developing ideas. This is so exciting!!

Anyways, I’ve also been busy putting the final touches on various knitting projects. The townhouse in Virginia was NOT condusive to blocking large projects, but this house certainly is!

This is a scarf/shawl/stole from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls. I believe I used Jamison wool that I purchased at Far North Yarn Company up in Anchorage.

And here is a quick project I finished today:

A wrist cushion for the mouse! A great help as I’m spending more & more time at the computer!

One thought on “Projects

  1. I think there’s error in paragraph #2. And with all that extra condusive space I’ll expect something sent back east.

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