Quilting Studio Progress

My sewing table came in the mail today!! Spent most of the late afternoon assembling & now I have what will be a great little table for me.

I will have some shelves on the right side to store some of my bigger notions & then the cubbies on the left will be great for thread, bobbins, pins, etc. I also like the wide space on the left side of the machine. This will give me plently of room for my quilts to go over.
Here’s a picture of my fabric shelves:

I wanted something that would be large enough to handle all my fabric organized by color as well as be strong enough to hold all that material! Ended up getting a utility shelf at Lowe’s that can have up to 250 lbs per shelf.
So the workroom is finally coming together! I can’t wait to start finishing some of my old WIPs. I realized today that I haven’t quilted in about 2 years! Seesh!

One thought on “Quilting Studio Progress

  1. Looks nice:) I haven’t been able to quilt since having my son. I am always scared about him losing fingers or sewing his fingers together… Anyway it looks really nice!

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