Washer & Dryer!

We also had to purchase a washer & dryer. We sold the one we had in Alaska with the house. Then we used the horrible apartment W/D in Virginia. But now we got to buy a really great set! We did tons of research (*cough* J did a lot of research *cough*) definately wanted the high efficiency models. At first we decided on the LG mid level set. Didn’t have the steam feature, but it seemed to be a good machine for the price. But we were hestitant about the front loader fitting in the laundry room. Then while in Roanoke, we stopped in at the Home Depot & chatted with the appliance sales person. She introduced us to the Maytag Bravos series! This thing is amazing! Top loading (no fitting in the room worries here!) & quieter & was even certified to eliminate allergens! & the best part- it’s HUGE! 4.7 Cubic feet! I did the first load of wash & what would have filled the “full size” apartment washer only came to about halfway! & thanks to moving in the week after Memorial Day, we got a FANTASTIC deal, so we didn’t pay anywhere’s near that scary price on the Maytag site! Yikes!
So yes, we’ve become complete suburbanites, getting all excited about our appliances. Next up I need to show you the Dining room set!

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