Busy Weekend & the Status of the House

We had an extremely busy weekend here, running errands, assembling furniture, buying furniture & our first DIY project in the house!!

The garage was mess of yard tools and bikes. We hung these 2 handy dandy pegboards to organize all the rakes, shovels, gardening supplies on & ta da! No more mess! We even have room to store the grill in the garage over the winter!
The lawn furniture arrived this morning & hopefully I’ll have time to assemble that this afternoon.
The office is still a work in progress. We are now going to paint sooner than later, so we picked up lots of paint samples as Home Depot & now just need to decide which to use. The main problem is that the former owners painted the ENTIRE house (and I’m not exaggerating here) in one shade of tan. It’s a special shade too- almost like adobe, but darker- I swear there are hints of peaches & cinnamon in the color. We like the color, just not in every single room of the house. Now to find complementary shades….. makes my brain tired. Also, in assembling our desk, one of the pieces was damaged & it still hasn’t arrived from the great big Staples warehouse (note to future office furniture purchasers- look at Staples- free shipping & they are GREAT about replacing damaged parts!)
The quilting studio- coming along slowly. The Quilting Machine came! Now we just need to assemble it & set up the computerized software.
The garden- producing more cucumbers than we can possibly hope to eat. Luckily the neighbors don’t mind free cukes. The watermelon plant has 5 babies melons so far. I hope the neighbors like watermelon too.
The yard- We’re slowly coming up with the landscaping plan. Not going to happen anytime soon. We did however find this cool sprinkler that you can set to various distances to water your entire lawn at once. But of course, it’s supposed to rain all week. Ahh.
The kitchen- mostly all done, but J bought be a Kitchen Aid 12 cup food processor & I’m so excited about this! I’m thinking zucchini bread! Pesto! (oh yikes- I need to split the basil plant! It’s being strangled in the small pot.)
The bathroom- need to pick a color- the matte paint that is in the ENTIRE house doesn’t quite cut it for the humidity in a bathroom. Maybe a nice blue-green shade?
Living room- haven’t done a thing. It’s currently our drop space for all these boxes.
Lots & lots still to do!!!! Musn’t forget the business either!

One thought on “Busy Weekend & the Status of the House

  1. Sounds wonderful! Looks like you guys are planning on staying there for a while! What kind of quilting machine did you get? Good luck with painting!

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