Another Busy Weekend

Wow, was it ever crazy here! I keep waiting for the weekends to settle down so I can relax, but that doesn’t seem to happen.

Anways, I wrote about getting a quilting machine for my quilting business. It’s a Pfaff 18.8 Grand Quilter w/ the Qbot System (to those nonquilters out there, I spent a crazy amount of money on a computerized quilting machine.) I assembled the quilting frame this weekend (finally!) & had a few snags along the way. Luckily Becky at Sunshine Stitches was wonderful & helped quickly. (Let me just toss in here a personal comment, if any of you ever buy a quilting machine, pay the extra money to have someone else assemble it. It’s worth the money, trust me.) Although, I discovered this evening I’ve hit a snag in the QBOT installation & I will need J’s help in making anymore progress. This will be difficult as I put him on a plane Sunday. Oh well, there’s plenty else to do around here.

I also canned 14, 1/2 pints of pickles. Had a sample tasting tonight & I’m very happy with how they came out. The relish, well, that was a learning experience. I also picked 18 cucumbers today. Yes, 18. To add to the 9 already sitting on the counter. I wonder if we know enough people to give away all these pickles to.

I also prepared 12 ears of corn for freezing. Note to anyone who would like to freeze corn- corn strippers don’t seem to be very user friendly. Thankfully J took care of that part for me. Also, while blanching corn is a relatively simple process, it better be darn good for me to repeat this again next year.

I designed & pieced a table runner for a paper piecing class that I will be teaching. Yes, you heard right! I am going to add “Quilting Teacher” to my list of jobs! Wohoo! If you do live in the Omaha area & are interested in this, just e-mail & I’ll send the details.

I also designed & started a Christmas Wall hanging for said quilting class.

I made Julia Child’s Quiche Lorraine from scratch. This was the absolute best quiche I’ve ever had in my life. To top it off, J said he liked it & would like to try more Julia Child recipes!

And did boring house chores like mow the lawn, laundry & other such necessities.

If only today was as good as the weekend. But no, today was not a good day. To go into the number of frustrating things that came my way (& this is saying something after assembling that quilting frame!) I decided to take the evening off & watch TV. You want to hear something even more shocking…I didn’t even knit while watching TV!

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