Our Office

This was our office. It wasn’t very inspiring. Now granted the paint samples weren’t there for the past 3 months, but the room definately needed some help.
So we bought a desk! A nice L-shaped desk in a cherry finish from Staples. And it sat in the box for about a month b/c of life. Then we started looking at paint colors. We looked at Sherwin Williams and Home Depot. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we picked up some paint samples of some potential candidates & they, like the desk, sat in the house.
Then J took a couple of days off this weekend specifically so we could work on the office. We spend a good deal of time in there, so it was important that room be worked on before some others.
Friday afternoon we tested! We threw some paint on the wall to decide upon a color. The final color: Home Depot’s Painted Turtle!
Saturday we painted! Decided to do only 2 walls as Painted Turtle is a dark color. The previous owners painted the ENTIRE house in an adobe/tan/beige color, so the other 2 walls are a nice bright adobe/tan/beige.
Sunday we assembled! We put together the L-desk & Hutch. I already had the bookcase assembled from a burst of energy a month ago. (I think that was the last burst of energy I’ve had in a while to be truthful.) J also worked on transferring the computer over & that ever fun “cord management” goal.
Monday we shopped! We decided we wanted nice reading chairs. We took out the bright red couch of mine & the room needed a space where we could just sit & read. So we checked out some stores & finally decided on an Ethan Allen recliner. J got his recliner. I got something that didn’t look like a recliner. Yay! I can’t wait for them to arrive! We then continued our tour of Omaha furniture stores to find a sofa set for the formal living room. We found a nice set at the behemouth furniture store in Omaha. So now that room is slowly coming together.
So, here is the final product, without the great chairs!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. J also cooked some great food. Sunday was balsamic grilled shrimp on a salad w/ tomatoes & peppers from the garden. Monday was Jambayla with shrimp & sausage w/ Lucky Star Zinfandel.

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