Random Tuesday

I know it’s been awhile since posting- a lot has been going on & I’ve been really busy.

First there was the trip to Arizona where we visited my Grandmother. I also met my new second cousins & brought them quilts (of course). Here’s Rocco w/ Brayden’s quilt:
Then after battling some snow on the drive home, Omaha was hit with a blizzard. Here’s a bad pic of some of the snowdrifts in our backyard:
So while all of Omaha got 3 days off, I still had to work (this is the downside of working from home).
Then J’s parents came to visit for the weekend. His dad loves to bake & we made an Eggnog Black Bottom Pie! It was great because he taught me how to make a custard- I’ve tried this before I failed miserably, now I think I might be able to attempt this again. The pie was delicious but there’s none left to take a pic of- it was that yummy.
Then I went to take his parents to the airport yesterday morning & we got hit with more snow (do you see a theme here?) Luckily they were able to get home. Luckily I was able to drive home ok- my Civic didn’t fail me, even though it didn’t like going uphill into our garage (side note- how do people with automatics drive in the snow? And the Omaha REALLY needs to consider making studded tires legal- that would have solved several of my problems.)
On the quilting front I’m working on a T-shirt quilt for a friend. Currently still ironing on the interfacing to all the t-shirts.
On the knitting front I’m making a February Lady Sweater for myself. Still on the bodice, so not much progress there.
So that’s about all I’ve been up to recently. However, soon I will be going on a trip where *gasp* there WON’T be snow! And a double plus- the temps there aren’t in the single digits!!!!

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