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Hannah Teter’s Quilt

Have you seen Olympian Snowboarder Hannah Teter’s quilt?

This thing is amazing! While it’s more of a duvet cover than an actual quilt, it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s a better pic.

I read that she worked closely with the quilter & artist to design this from organic materials, but I can’t find out who the quilter is!

The best part of this is she’s auctioning off the quilt for charity at the end of the games. This is after Amp Energy Juice is donating about $20k to her charity. I was reading up on this woman, wow she’s raised a lot of money for charity. Sudan, Kenya, Haiti. This is a dedicated young woman!

Take a look at these photos too. Does that look like a hand knitted hat to you?

The Attention Span of a Gnat

I think that’s the best way to sum up the weekend.

Friday Night:
I started making pillowcases during the Create-a-thon. Another great thing about Create- I truly love that they have a sewing machine there for anyone to use. I really don’t like dragging my heavy sewing machine around. Somehow though in a span of 6 hours, I only made 3. Something was wrong here, 1 pillowcase shouldn’t take 2 hours.

– I started organizing my class handouts & such. Didn’t finish that.
– Started making more pillowcases (these things are addictive. They are too freaking simple & use up lots of fabric.) But I didn’t actually MAKE any pillowcases. I just prepped. Which means I cut lots of pieces of fabric & didn’t put any together.
– Made an apron from a skirt I found a Goodwill. It came out pretty darn cute! I will be teaching a class on this at Create in March, come take the class & have a cute apron too.

– Messed around with the quilt on my frame, but didn’t actually do any quilting
– Assembled 13 pillowcases & prepped who knows how many more. I might actually have to go buy some fabric, but that’s ok. If it’s in the pursuit of fabric eventually leaving the house, it’s all good.
– Knit some of my left sleeve on a cardigan I’ve been working on since December.
– Completely ignored the poor Sunflower quilt
– Started some of the paperwork that is involved in owning a small business & put it right back in a pile.
– Gave the cats a bath w/ J. That was traumatic. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that for another 6 months.

Now I’m somewhere between organizing classes, doing paperwork & planning the garden. Boy there are lots of tomatoes to choose from….

Block of the Month

Last Fall I went on a retreat to Kansas with a great group of ladies. One of the happens to be a designer & she coordinates a Block of the Month (BOM) at the Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Shawnee, Kansas.

After seeing some of the women working on their blocks, as soon as I got home, I called them up to see if there was still an opening for me to join in. Luckily there was & they immediately sent the 4 blocks that were already out.

I then promptly put the packages in my studio where they sat.

Then the shop sent January’s block. And I promptly put that package in my studio as well!

Last week February’s block came in the mail. And when I went into the studio to put this package with the others, I realized I had 6 uncompleted squares! That’s half of the whole program! So Sunday I decided to spend some dedicated time sewing for myself. (This hasn’t happened in quite a while, most of the time I sew for class samples or quilt other people’s quilt tops- mine don’t actually get done very often.)

Now keep in mind that this is actual piecing. These directions make you cut 3 7/8″ squares and then cut them again to make 4 triangles & draw lines & sew on a 1/4″ of either side, cut on the line & iron, place pieces on top of each other, sew & cut again. Basically it takes about 1 hour to make 1 block. Now while I do really enjoy this level of piecing (it creates the coolest blocks), when you’re 6 blocks behind, you’ve got a good deal of work ahead of you.

After a dedicated afternoon, I now have:

September’s block:

October’s Block





I’m all caught up!!!! These were so much fun! I love seeing them all together on my design wall & I can’t wait to finish this quilt!! I’m already starting to plan the actual quilting- I’m going to do custom for each block to highlight the individual piecing.

There are still 6 more blocks to come, to look for these in the coming months. Now that I’ve gotten started, I’ll be sewing these as soon as they come in!

Butternut Squash Soup

Promised a few people last week this recipe- Sorry I didn’t get it posted earlier:

6tbsp. chopped onion
4tbsp. butter
6c. peeled & cubed butternut squash
3c. water
4 bouillon cubes
1/2 tsp. marjoram OR tarragon
pepper (just a little here, think of a sprinkle or two)
2c. heavy whipping cream

1. Saute onions in butter until tender
2. Add squash, water, bouillon, herbs & pepper
3. Boil for 20 minutes or until squash is tender
4. Mash the mixture (I use a potato masher, but you can also puree it in a blender or food processor)
5. At this point, you can cool & freeze! I like to freeze half of it since it makes so much
6. Add heavy cream, heat through, but don’t boil

You can also use any kind of winter squash you have on hand- acorn, spaghetti, etc.

Anyone else have any great winter squash recipes? We still have A LOT in the freezer from last harvest. Since I’m starting to plan this years garden, we need to use up all the squash!


This is a customer’s quilt that I finished quilting this week! I used a simple “block” pattern in each square since this customer doesn’t like heavy quilting. I took advantage of the design software & used the block pattern to create similar patterns for the flying geese & border.

This is something I’ve come to realize I’m very particular about. I like themes. I like all the quilting to have a flow. If a piecer puts all the time & effort into color coordination & patterns, the quilter should make the quilting coordinate. It seems that overall freehand quilters are better at this, but there’s no reason why computerized quilters aren’t just a good.

I’m also hand quilting this quilt. I should clarify. I’ve been hand quilting this for quite some time. My sister actually pieced this for me when I was 15. Yes, you read that correctly. 15. Sophomore in High School. Back when I was a very different Robin. She has just taken a quilting class & make me this top. We had a great idea that we would hand quilt this. Not sure what we were thinking since I was crazy busy with school, band & church (oh yes, I was one of those teens) & she lived in another state. So basically this quilt travelled from Colorado to Texas more times than some people have. In the end I had it (I think she had kids at this point & told me she was never, ever, ever going to be able to work on this again) & then I dragged it around with me.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago & a friend was over in my studio quilting with me. She saw the quilt peeking out of the bag. I dragged it out & told her the story. She pointed out rationally that there really wasn’t much more to do. I eyed the quilt with some doubt & realized she had a point. So after deciding what frame I was going to use (I’ll explain more in another post), I pulled it out & it now sits on half our couch while I quilt about a square a night.

I also realized something. I am almost done. With the squares. Then there are 2 borders. Hmmm….. maybe this really isn’t so close to being finished.