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Last Fall I went on a retreat to Kansas with a great group of ladies. One of the happens to be a designer & she coordinates a Block of the Month (BOM) at the Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Shawnee, Kansas.

After seeing some of the women working on their blocks, as soon as I got home, I called them up to see if there was still an opening for me to join in. Luckily there was & they immediately sent the 4 blocks that were already out.

I then promptly put the packages in my studio where they sat.

Then the shop sent January’s block. And I promptly put that package in my studio as well!

Last week February’s block came in the mail. And when I went into the studio to put this package with the others, I realized I had 6 uncompleted squares! That’s half of the whole program! So Sunday I decided to spend some dedicated time sewing for myself. (This hasn’t happened in quite a while, most of the time I sew for class samples or quilt other people’s quilt tops- mine don’t actually get done very often.)

Now keep in mind that this is actual piecing. These directions make you cut 3 7/8″ squares and then cut them again to make 4 triangles & draw lines & sew on a 1/4″ of either side, cut on the line & iron, place pieces on top of each other, sew & cut again. Basically it takes about 1 hour to make 1 block. Now while I do really enjoy this level of piecing (it creates the coolest blocks), when you’re 6 blocks behind, you’ve got a good deal of work ahead of you.

After a dedicated afternoon, I now have:

September’s block:

October’s Block





I’m all caught up!!!! These were so much fun! I love seeing them all together on my design wall & I can’t wait to finish this quilt!! I’m already starting to plan the actual quilting- I’m going to do custom for each block to highlight the individual piecing.

There are still 6 more blocks to come, to look for these in the coming months. Now that I’ve gotten started, I’ll be sewing these as soon as they come in!

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