The Attention Span of a Gnat

I think that’s the best way to sum up the weekend.

Friday Night:
I started making pillowcases during the Create-a-thon. Another great thing about Create- I truly love that they have a sewing machine there for anyone to use. I really don’t like dragging my heavy sewing machine around. Somehow though in a span of 6 hours, I only made 3. Something was wrong here, 1 pillowcase shouldn’t take 2 hours.

– I started organizing my class handouts & such. Didn’t finish that.
– Started making more pillowcases (these things are addictive. They are too freaking simple & use up lots of fabric.) But I didn’t actually MAKE any pillowcases. I just prepped. Which means I cut lots of pieces of fabric & didn’t put any together.
– Made an apron from a skirt I found a Goodwill. It came out pretty darn cute! I will be teaching a class on this at Create in March, come take the class & have a cute apron too.

– Messed around with the quilt on my frame, but didn’t actually do any quilting
– Assembled 13 pillowcases & prepped who knows how many more. I might actually have to go buy some fabric, but that’s ok. If it’s in the pursuit of fabric eventually leaving the house, it’s all good.
– Knit some of my left sleeve on a cardigan I’ve been working on since December.
– Completely ignored the poor Sunflower quilt
– Started some of the paperwork that is involved in owning a small business & put it right back in a pile.
– Gave the cats a bath w/ J. That was traumatic. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that for another 6 months.

Now I’m somewhere between organizing classes, doing paperwork & planning the garden. Boy there are lots of tomatoes to choose from….

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