A Weekend of Decoupage

I found a new hobby! Decoupage!

See what I made!

Baby Blocks:

These will be necklaces:


Way too much fun with the Mod Podge this weekend. I can’t believe I haven’t used this since I was a kid!
On a quilty note, I’m giving myself a personal challenge. Take some stamps, put them on fabric & design a wall hanging type thing with them.
Here is my stamped fabric:

Now off to design!

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Decoupage

  1. Mod Podge Rocks!!! LOVE all of your items!!!!!! Could we use them for samples at the store? or at least borrow the pics for decoupage ideas.

    You should take a few moments off to rest.


  2. I love Mod Podge … took a design class at the college last year … one project was to make a mosaic using teeny paper squares. I brought out the Mod Podge and all of the college-age kids were shocked … they had never seen it and were using glue sticks. Love your stuff!! Mary/nebraskama @ ravelry

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