Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Some of you might already know I’m a Jamie Oliver fan. I discovered him in college, while working at the library. Some of my friends from the College St. days might even remember the Baked Onions I made. (oh, they were soooo good!)

So needless to say this December while walking around B&N with by gift card, I had to pick up Jamie’s new book:
Go buy it! Fast! Quick! It’s one of the best cookbooks! Whether you’re new to cooking or feel comfortable reading recipes, this book will teach you things!
Basically it’s a compilation of recipes Jamie took to Rotherham, England to teach people how to cook, so they could improve their lives.
There are curries, roasts, and pan fried main dishes. There are sauces, salads, vegetables, desserts & breakfast. True to Jamie Oliver form, every dish is a winner.
As some of you know, I’m fortunate to be married to a foodie. So far we’ve made the Crispy Posh Ham & Oatmeal & Pork Chops.
I’m crazy about this Pork Chop recipe. You basically pan cook a pork chop & make a glaze. He gives you several options & we chose the Sage/Honey combo.
We’ve now had this 3 evenings in a row. With slight changes.
Saturday night we had the Pork Chops w/ a side of broccoli
Sunday night we had Shrimp w/ Jasmine rice
(Today’s lunch was leftover Pork Chops & rice)
Tonight we had Chicken Thighs w/ Jasmine rice.
The honey/sage reduction on each of these is amazing!! To DIE for!!! I want this at LEAST once a week now.
In true Jamie Oliver fashion, it’s a good simple recipe with fresh ingredients & great directions. Go buy this book. Trust me.
On another note, here’s a pic of Rizzo w/ my yarn (b/c of course this posting had to include SOMETHING related to a hobby of mine! šŸ™‚

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