Ravelympics 2010

I participated in this year’s Ravelympics! I missed the last summer Olympics & when it came down to it, I thought I wouldn’t be able to this time either. (I know, I know, me- not able to find time to knit??? Huh?)
But things are very busy over here & I’m focusing more on quilting so something has to give. And that would be knitting.
Towards the end of the Olympics however I felt really bad b/c I was on a team (Team Carry Around KAL) & we were even knitting a team project & I hadn’t done 1 purl stitch.
So I decided to put aside Feather Quilting Bootcamp (oh yes, I’m really doing that. Badly, but participating) & do some knitting.
Here’s the team project I made:
Robin’s Egg Blue Hat. Very cute. Very quick. Here’s my medal for competing in the Hat Half-Pipe:
Since I was on a roll knitting I decided to get out that cardigan I started in December that I stopped when I needed more yarn.
Here it is:
(Don’t judge a sweater by it’s pre-blocked pic please, I know it looks bad, trust me, it’s blocking now & I will take pics again & you will see how nice it is.)
Loosely based on Stefanie Japel’s Double-Breasted Cardigan Jacket. Very loosely based.
And here’s my medal for completing a WIP! (work in progress):

I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. Now I must put knitting away & focus on other things.
Really, I need to put the knitting down.
Well, maybe just one more row on my socks…….

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