Spring Bag

I made a bag.

A nice, bright, spring bag.

I quite proud of this bag.

I actually Sewed it. Notice this is sewing with a capital S. This is not homemade, this is the good stuff.

I had to assemble a paper pattern. I even made a lining (from the 2 corresponding fabrics I bought!)

I researched french seams to make the bag more durable. I took my time ironing the bag, so it wouldn’t look wonky. I even very slowly stitched all around my seams to “set” everything & make it look even more professional.

This was a success. I will proudly carry this bag around in public. I think I’m going to make another bag.

One thought on “Spring Bag

  1. Way Cool!! Now teach me! Wait I probably know how to do it all by myself. How about we just make a date to do something at the same time because I need someone to make me sit and do it. I have things cut, ideas in my head and now I need a babysitter to make me sit. Sad!!

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