A Period of Transition (aka, where I’ve been)

Sorry for the lack of communication everyone, after the last post things got hectic & the blog got put to the side.

Anyways, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in my life!
March- Went to Texas to be with the family for a bit.
April- I started working at CREATE– I’d been teaching classes there, but now I’m a full-up employee! It’s fantastic & I couldn’t have asked for a better challenge at this point!
May- Went to Kansas City for a Quilting Expo. Saw some gorgeous quilts. Here’s one:
There were others, but the pics didn’t come out too great (need to work on that skill.)
I also had a “mini-retreat” with a friend at the house. Finally finished a quilt top I started back in college. (You won’t see pics of this until I’ve quilted it, I’ve got some great ideas for this one…)
Finished another quilt top that I started back in Alaska. Once again, no pics b/c I want to wait until it’s quilted.
June- Quilted a friends Block of the Month (since this is quilted, here’s a pic:)

This was the most intensive custom quilting I’ve ever done & I’m SOOO happy with the final result!

I also picked up another hobby, jewelry making. You too can make this necklace at CREATE!

And this ring!

J & I have also been working like crazy on the Great Front Landscaping Adventure. Here’s our lovely front yard now:


I also started Art Journaling. I’ll blog about that in another post as I have much to say about that.
So basically, there’s been a lot going on. I’m learning new skills, expanding my artistic side, wrapping up old projects & generally being very happy.
There were some crazy days there when my old life was merging with my new life & it was quite stressful, so this hasn’t been the most peaceful transition. But for what it’s worth, it definitely could have been worse!
So I hope to be back as a regular blogger again, now with some new inspiration!

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