Hey y’all!

Hey guys! I know. It’s been almost *gasp* *choke* a year since I last posted here! Well I need to start blogging for my other job so I thought I should brush up on my writing skills & post here as well.

In the past I would have tried to recap everything that happened in the past year- but that’s not happening today. I’ve decided this is going to be a year of “refocus”. I will letting go of quite a bit in order to look ahead.

So in this sinus headache mushy haze I’m going to attempt to write about where I see myself headed.

First of all, the priorities:
1. Eat at home. This means no going out. Eating & cooking what we have here at the house. I like cooking, think I’m fairly decent at it, & j & I enjoy cooking together
2. Work a combined total of 8 hours a day. Most of you know I have 2 jobs. CREATE and my machine quilting. I will longer kill myself trying to do both full time
3. Get a home routine down. The HomeRoutine app has been great for this! Things are getting done from laundry to the litter box.
4. Loose ends will be tied up. I have lots of old projects near completion that I want to finish up & move on. This will require I only work 8 hour days to have energy for this!

So I will leave you now to do some organizing & decluttering.

Here is a pic of a fortune I got in Chicago. May we all remember this:

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