Update on Goals & a Butterfly Quilt

Good morning!

I love days like today- it’s chilly out (therefore I have tons of energy), I have a whole day to myself to accomplish tasks and I’ve got the Pandora Americana station keeping me company in the background. Also the fact that I’ve completed my ENTIRE morning routine before 8 am helped too!
So how are my goals doing? I’m going to try for a weekly update.
1. Cooking: yup- last week we made stromboli, homemade pizza and chicken curry.
2. Work 8 hours a day: yup- keeping good track of this.
3. Home Routine: yup- working very nicely & I have to admit our house looks pretty darn good!
4. Personal Loose Ends: this was a fail for the week- BUT, I went ahead & listed all of my personal UFOs (UnFinished Objects) over on the right side of the blog. Yes, the list is fairly long & there are probably more projects I need to add, but I’ve got a good starting point at least.
5. Machine Quilting: Working on the butterfly quilt. Here’s a picture of one block:

This quilt was scary to me at first. I have never done anything quite like it, but I’m very happy how it’s coming along & all that I’ve learned! I only have 2 borders left, so I’ll be able to post a pic of the finished quilt tomorrow. šŸ™‚
So, now I’m off to the quilting machine- have a great day!

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