Back home

Hey y’all. Back home now from a whirlwind trip to Texas! Let’s see- I learned how to use a power washer, rebuild a fan & where are the Dairy Queen’s in Mesquite are located. And most importantly, I ate Chick-Fil-A. A lot of Chick-Fil-A. And it was all yummy.

I was so busy however I didn’t take many pictures except for this. Here’s a cactus for ya:

Yes. It is a dead cactus. It’s one of those strange things you see in life that you just have to capture.

As always happens when I come back from Texas, I have lots of goodies & projects to work on. You know- exactly what I need more of!

But that will all have to wait. Because I’m going to be doing a little hibernating with the cats.

I think Rizzo puts it very nicely:

See ya shortly!
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