Butterflies and Enya…

Good morning! What’s better when you wake up at 4 am than to do some blogging? (so please excuse all the following grammar errors that are sure to happen on one cup of coffee!)

Have you noticed that my finished projects list (on right side of blog) has gotten a bit longer? I’ve actually finished two items! Granted they were the two UFOs closest to being finished & they are relatively small projects, but none the less they are done! Sadly, I done have any pics of those this morning. That would require getting up from the couch which would lead the cats to believe they are getting fed…and, well, since I think I can delay that another 30 minutes, sorry- no photos of those today.

However- this post won’t be completely photo-less! This is a piece I quilted for a customer


Here’s a close-up

This has been my most challenging quilt to date- each butterfly wing & the body/antenna were done separately with a simple stitch in the ditch (SID) around the block with some playing around on the borders. Result- a very nice quilt I’m quite proud of!

Tomorrow I’ll post another customer project- but I’ve had some questions about Pandora. It’s basically an online radio station that you can personalize. I like the Americana station & I can give a thumbs down or thumbs up to various songs- from this it actually generates more songs that it thinks I will like. So far the genre stations have worked out well- you can just enter an artists name & it will play songs it thinks are similar. I have not had good luck with this- I tried for Enya one day & the next thing I knew it was playing some weird piano gospel music. Still not quite sure how that’s related to new age celtic…….

Ok, I’m off to make some more coffee get a move on! Hope everyone has a successfully creative day!

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