A New Studio

Good morning everyone!

I’m proud to announce that I’m the new resident in a newly redesigned & decorated studio (i.e. our basement)!

We were very fortunate when we got this house to have a finished basement. I quickly took that over as my studio- but with working other jobs, trying to find my “place” with the long arm- the basement stayed the dull tan/brown color the previous people painted.

I also discovered in that year that I had the room setup “wrong.” The space didn’t work for me. The design wall was miles (ok, yards) away from my sewing machine. My thread sat jumbled in a drawer & projects in progress were mixed in with stash fabric. So about two weeks ago in the middle of a pity party, I pulled out the paint that had been sitting in the garage since last September & starting working. I’m very happy to say that my once dull brown studio is now a very cheery Robin’s egg blue! I also rearranged my workspace & here it is:

One bookcase holds my projects in process, the other my stash fabric. My spool holder is finally hanging (I think I finished it last August??). All the long arm tools are together & all the piecing tools are in one spot. The design wall is now about 2 feet from my sewing machine & the best part? The studio actually feels like me!

So I immediately sat down & pieced 3 quilts! No, not really. I actually left town to go to MQS in Kansas City. I went in 2010 but just attended the show. This year I shopped, drooled over gorgeous quilts & took classes! Since MQS deserves it’s own blog post- tomorrow I’ll tell you about all the great things I learned, teachers who inspired me and ideas I have for the future!

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