A Weekend of Little Bits

As most of you know, I do a lot of knitting. I’ve also been knitting for a very long time. Mostly this means that there’s a lot of yarn wherever I live. There are also lots of ‘little bits’ of yarn leftover.

Thus weekend I decided to use up ‘some’ of those little bits.

Here we have a doll’s hat made from some lace weight yarn:

From that same skein here’s A pair of doll slippers:

(I swear made 2, but I forgot to put them in my knitting bag when I went to sleep, so 1 has become a cat toy. Grrrrrrr)

This headband was a nice refresher of Entrelac knitting (as well of a reminder of how much I dislike Noro Kureyon yarn):

Here’s another dolls hat & slippers from some Australian yarn:

And finally, I kitchnered the heels of my Dr. Suess socks:

So that was 3 skeins used up in one weekend- not too bad, but i will need a long time to make a dent in my stash!

But now my fun weekend of goofing off is over & back to quilting I go!

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