Boxes, Pinterest & Generation Q


Picture lots & lots of boxes.

Helping my sister move (that’s the “working” part of this vacation).  So my days are full of boxes, tape & packing paper.

So no sewing for me.  And just a little knitting before I fall asleep (not knitting the doomed project I posted earlier, but another project I’ll write about when I’m not dosing off).

In the meantime though, I discovered this great website I thought you all should know about!!

It’s free, user friendly & I still can’t get over how much fun it is to move around the furniture, testing new layouts.  It’s like a quilting design wall!

Also, some of you might know I’m a huge Pinterest fan.  Generation Q Magazine did a great article explaning how it works.  They also quoted me at the end!  So read it, sign up for Pinterest, & check out Generation Q.  They are a new quilting group & I’m excited about their energy & perspective.  Grandma’s quilts not allowed here!

Have fun playing with these new sites!  I’ll be here with boxes, movers & other fun things I can’t wait to discover!

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