Spring, Daisies and a Pinwheel Quilt

This is an oldie that I recently finished.  Pieced it back in high school one spring break actually!
It was a kit from Walmart of all places.  It was a badly manufactured pre-cut kit, before pre-cuts were done well.
It was during my “yellow” phase- when I loved sunflowers, daisies & the Beatles.
The piecing isn’t the best- it definately matches my impatient 15 year old self!  Although I wonder what I was thinking about that yellow plaid…….
Anyways, I picked up the perfect yellow backing & binding at a quilt shop in Seward, Nebraska & decided to finish this up with a great pantograph from Intelligent Quilting.
As soon as I saw the daisies, I knew this was a perfect match.
Doesn’t it remind you of a perfect spring?
It kinda makes me want to pack a picnic lunch & spend a lazy day at a park.
Anybody want to join me?


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