How We Are Like Quilts….

I love antique quilts.

I love how they are far from perfect.

I love how studying how the quilter “made it work” & improvised in the most creative ways!

This year I was given the chance to complete a pieced top from a customer’s mother.  She had put it together back in the 60s & it had been sitting my her daughter’s closet for who knows how many years.  She gave it to me to finish.

This top was partially machine and hand pieced.  There are different shades of muslin.

Every time the customer looks at this quilt, she thinks of her mother.

So I had to work on this quilt.


I believe that the reminders our quilts give others are the best compliments.

We’re all far from perfect and some (ok, well most!) of us are a bit wonky & not all our color shades match, but we all do have the ability to provide warmth and love.

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