Recovery (& some quilting)

About a week ago I thought I’d take my dentist’s suggestion & have my wisdom teeth removed.  As I have not moved from this couch for 7 days, I am currently wondering the sanity of that decision, but alas things are starting to look up (just a bit) & I actually feel partially human (just partially).

I have no current quilting to give you an update on, however there is a partially knitted cardigan (Rav link) I started which is now currently on hold because I discovered I cannot follow a simple lace pattern when my teeth hurt.  Maybe I’ll pull it out later today as I do feel much better.

However, I thought I would show you some pics of a quilt I did this past Spring for a customer.

They are avid classic car fans & this quilt was actually a surprise for my friend’s husband!

I used Munnich Design’s Jalopy Edge to Edge pattern, except to preserve the cars in the quilt top that were so carefully fussy cut, I made the pattern go around those designs.

Definitely one of the more challenging pieces I’ve done, but I was glad I was able to preserve the classic cars in the piecing.

Hopefully I’ll be back at this machine soon this week, with the holidays coming up quickly, there is lots of do!

3 thoughts on “Recovery (& some quilting)

  1. Do you know the pattern design used for the car quilt. I would like to make one and not sure of the design.
    Thanks Nancy

    1. I’m not sure anymore, but I think it was a pattern from Atkinson Designs. I do know the piecer took some “liberties” with a pre-published pattern though. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance!

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