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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Fall 2011!

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is back!  Wohoo!  I participated a few years ago, and I’m back again!
This quilt is for Elvin:
Elvin is the sweetest octogenarian in Lincoln, Nebraska!
I met him through a dear friend, when one day I said “I need storage for all these cones of thread.”
A few weeks later, a thread rack was custom made for me!
Then came along a setup to hang all my quilting rulers in because “he wanted something to work on!”
Another day I mentioned how I needed a ruler deck for my longarm & the commercial ones they sold for my machine weren’t up to snuff.
Elvin made me one that was perfect for ruler work!
Then in the eternal attempt of “modifying” my longarm setup, I needed to trim some conduit.
Let me warn you- I am NOT the handiest person in the world, but I believe that with Google & some gumption, you can do just about anything.
Here I was, just about to start cutting & Elvin says “STOP!”
I normally don’t listen when people say stop (few people have a sense of adventure & if I listened every time told me to stop, well, let’s just say I’d still be living in Texas, having done nothing & gone no where.)
But I knew to listen to Elvin!
He came up to Omaha & taught me there was a lot more than just “trimming some conduit!”
So my friend & I decided he needed a quilt for all his awesomeness.
She pieced, I quilted, we found all the fabric in our stashes.
It’s a Carpenter’s Star Pattern, aka the “4 hour quilt.”
The quilting was super custom!
I did some computerized, some freehand & some ruler work.
It was a blast!
Best of all was seeing his face when WE got to surprise him finally!
Is there anything better than seeing someone wrapped up in love?

Home & Scrap Assassins

Good morning!!
I’m back home & getting settled- busy making lists & prioritizing all those things that need to be done.  It  helps considerably that the mornings now in Nebraska are cool (40s)- that’s the perfect energizer for me!  Yes, I do realize I’m one of the few people in the world who gain energy from cold weather.  Give me a snowy day & look out- who knows what will be done by the end of the day!
Anyways, as much as I loved being with my family & all my nephews, it’s also wonderful being home & back in a routine.  Getting my chores done this morning & planning on longarming this afternoon.
Here’s a customer’s quilt I completed over the summer.  It’s called the Scrap Assassin Returns.  My friend is working on adding buttons to the centers of the flowers now.  I can’t wait to see it when she finishes!  I love the 1930s reproduction fabrics she chose for this quilt- I think I remember her saying she collected fat quarters for one year before started this project!

One thing I have to say about this quilt- it is HUGE!  It’s like 110something x 80something.  Craziness!

Details about the quilting:
– Used white thread
– Very open pattern per customer’s request
– Custom block quilting- so even though it looks like an overall repeating pattern, every flower was done individually.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt!  Have a great day!

Batik BOM, Month 7

So I believe if I followed my schedule, the quilt top should have been completed today.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. (big surprise). This was a pretty busy week of errands, halloween fun & pumpkin patch, so basically at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was sleep. That and I really messed up one block that required me to buy replacement fabric….

Anyways, here’s block 7:

– flying cross
– king’s crown
– flying geese

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Batik BOM, blocks 5 & 6

Been having some Internet issues- but have been steadily piecing along! Here’s a post from earlier (Monday):

So it turns out that when a 4 yr old is around, only a small bit of quilting happens. Thus, over the weekend, I only did 1 block & today finished another.

Here’s block 5:

And we have the following blocks:
– flying geese
– Susannah
– flying geese
– neck tie
– picket fence (this block was a bugger & either I can’t read directions (highly probably) or the directions were written wrong but in any case, I had to add a fancy little border to make the math work)

Here’s block 6:

And we have:
– autumn leaf (I love these colors! It makes me want to make a whole quilt in green/yellow/orange! It reminds me a farmer’s market!)
– flying geese (noticing a trend here?)
– flying x
– four patch

And yes, it is true- we are now halfway through the quilt!!!!


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Batik BOM, Block 4

Still plugging away over here. Got the 4th month done today!

The blocks are as follows:
– flying dutchman
– pinwheel
– windmill
– three nancy’s

And some comments about the blocks.

First of all, if you are familiar with quilt blocks, you’ve probably recognized that the flying dutchman is umm, not right. Not quite sure what I was thinking, but it wasn’t until I was completely done that I realized they were out of order. Oh well, so my flying dutchman are a little confused. I’m imagining they just visited some coffeehouses 🙂

Second, the pinwheels. What is up with pinwheels in this project? I feel like every package has had some. For the record, I’m not as fond of pinwheels as many other quilters are.

Third, the three nancy’s. I love this block! The color placement & fabric choices are wonderful! They remind me of coffee! Lots & lots of espresso & lattes & americanos! It almost makes me want to make a quilt out of these colors! Hmmmm, maybe my next project???

On another note, the 4 yr old nephew discovered my sewing area. No disasters yet, but he did sit on my lap & learn how to guide fabric. And he managed the pincushion. 4 yr olds are very good pincushion managers :). He also found my bag of scraps & the ruler on my machine- which he then proceeded to measure all the scraps- but since he doesn’t understand inches, they were “years old”. It was adorable!

Well, know that he knows about my area, sewing tomorrow is going to be interesting. I’ll let you know how successful or unsuccessful that goes!

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Batik BOM, Block 3

Here’s 3:

Blocks here are:
– rail fence
– Arkansas traveler
– shoo fly
– clay’s choice. This block was named after Henry Clay, the politician from the 1800s. It is very interesting they named this his “choice” because that man was definitely opinionated. He opposed manifest destiny, the annexation of Texas, and was known as a warhawk, apparently being a crucial figure in leading the U.S. in the War of 1812. Yet in all of this, he was known as a great compromiser, helping draft several important treaties, such as the Missouri Compromise.

Interesting. Not sure if I meant this blog post to be about 19th century politicians, but I do find the naming of quilt blocks to be interesting.

I wonder what the woman who first coined the name of this block was like. I’m assuming she was a supporter of Clay, but I wonder if there was something particular about his policies she identified with. Or maybe she just greatly opposed the annexation of Texas. (And being a texan myself, I understand why she
maybe didn’t want this state in the Union.)

Whatever the reason behind her choice in names, this one stuck throughout the century- not a minor feat when you think that quilt blocks at that time were passed from neighbor to neighbor, with very little documentation & “hoopla” behind them.

This reminds me of the Obama icon/symbol/campaign logo that some knitters adapted into a pattern & around the election you saw that logo knitted up on everything from mittens to hats to sweaters on Ravelry.

If you’re wondering if this post is going anywhere, I’m going to tell you no. Nope. This is just some crazy ramblings of a Quilter who is sleep deprived & has an overactive mind that jumps from fabric to history to economic policy to math ratios all while assembling a measly quilt block. This is a small taste what actually goes on in my head while I’m sitting at the sewing machine for several hours at a time.

Anyways, thanks for reading to the end all- you’re great sports to keep up with me!

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Batik BOM, Block 2

Today was the perfect piecing day! We woke up to rain & it remained dreary all morning- the best weather sitting at your sewing machine & getting some quilting done.

So here’s the second block:

The blocks here are:
– flying geese
– eddystone light
– pinwheels

Let’s see, what else have I been up to?
– reading “The Mood Cure”. Very interesting book about depression & the science behind the disease.
– listening to “The Off Kilter Quilter” podcast. Frances is a hoot & I enjoy her ramblings on quilting, books, gardening & life in general.
– doodling. In my defense this is an important part of improving my freemotion quilting, however the irony kills me! I never doodled as a kid! Well, ok, except in church. But that was 1 hour a week. Basically though I never doodled as kid- not like other kids- I never thought this would be an issue & it wasn’t until I became a machine quilter when I realized that all we really do is scribble on quilts with thread!!!! Then I really wished I had spent more time drawing as a kid & not paying so much attention in school.

Anyways, it’s getting late now & there are many books to read, so goodnight all!

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Batik Block of the Month, Block 1

Situation: in Texas for an extended period of time with quite a bit of “down time” in my days

Solution: grab my sewing machine & that Block of the Month kit to keep me busy.

Some of you might be asking yourself a question- if it’s a Block of the MONTH kit, ummm how exactly is this supposed to keep me occupied for any length of time??

Well, I kinda cheated and bought the kit all at once.

My plan is to do a month a day, for 12 days, until I’m done. (you know, b/c I show absolutely no signs of obsessive compulsiveness 🙂

Here’s block 1:

The blocks from left to right & top to bottom are as follows:
– wise eyes
– pinwheel
– flying geese
– bachelor’s puzzle

So month 1 is done with success, now let’s see how well I can keep up the momentum!

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AQS Classes & Shopping

I took 3 classes this year at AQS & they were each amazing!

From Kathryn Schmidt I took “Up and Away”. Here I learned improvisational quilting! She showed some basic elements & then from there we created our own piece & she showed us how to accomplish what was in our head. I didn’t quite finish the top that day & of course I somehow have not taken a pic of it- but it looks great & it was lots of fun!

Then I took 2 longarm classes from Sue Patten. How I’ve never discovered this woman until now, I’m not quite sure! She’s a great instructor! The first class was “Plunk and Play” which took allover patterns to the next level using strategically placed motifs. I’d seen this in several quilts but didn’t quite understand how it came together- now I can’t wait to try it! The second class was “Thread Art”. This is where you use all those awesome threads & “paint” on your longarm! Every time I take classes I try to take 1 slightly below the level I’m at to gather any tips & reassure myself I cab go to the next level. I also always try to take 1 class that’s slightly above where I’m at. Thread art was that class for me! Not quite sure if I can pull off what I learned, but it will be fun trying!

And what’s the vest part of going to a show???

The shopping!

Here’s a pic of my haul:

Threads from Superior & YLI; patterns from Jaybird Quilts; rulers from Lazy Girl; and various longarm tools that I’ve been needing.

Oh! And a kit!

I’ve been eyeing this Batik Block of the Month from Stitchin Tree Quilts out of Harlan, Iowa & finally picked it up! And since I couldn’t resist starting it- I already have 2 months done!

So that was AQS! A fine time was had by all & I can’t wait for next year! Hope you all enjoyed the pics!

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More AQS Quilts!

Ready for some more quilts from AQS???

Waiting for a Birth by Mee Um Kim:  (I’m a sucker for all things bird!)

Ohia Lehua by Ann Say: (I drool at every Hawaiian quilt I see, this was no exception)

The red flowers are actually couched metallic thread!

Iowa Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt by Pamela Godwin:  I have this pattern & can’t wait to get started myself!

Tutti Frutti Fanfare by Maribeth Schmit:  Isn’t this fun?  I love the curved cross-hatching in the middle of the candies- it really adds dimension!

Hope you enjoyed these!