AQS Classes & Shopping

I took 3 classes this year at AQS & they were each amazing!

From Kathryn Schmidt I took “Up and Away”. Here I learned improvisational quilting! She showed some basic elements & then from there we created our own piece & she showed us how to accomplish what was in our head. I didn’t quite finish the top that day & of course I somehow have not taken a pic of it- but it looks great & it was lots of fun!

Then I took 2 longarm classes from Sue Patten. How I’ve never discovered this woman until now, I’m not quite sure! She’s a great instructor! The first class was “Plunk and Play” which took allover patterns to the next level using strategically placed motifs. I’d seen this in several quilts but didn’t quite understand how it came together- now I can’t wait to try it! The second class was “Thread Art”. This is where you use all those awesome threads & “paint” on your longarm! Every time I take classes I try to take 1 slightly below the level I’m at to gather any tips & reassure myself I cab go to the next level. I also always try to take 1 class that’s slightly above where I’m at. Thread art was that class for me! Not quite sure if I can pull off what I learned, but it will be fun trying!

And what’s the vest part of going to a show???

The shopping!

Here’s a pic of my haul:

Threads from Superior & YLI; patterns from Jaybird Quilts; rulers from Lazy Girl; and various longarm tools that I’ve been needing.

Oh! And a kit!

I’ve been eyeing this Batik Block of the Month from Stitchin Tree Quilts out of Harlan, Iowa & finally picked it up! And since I couldn’t resist starting it- I already have 2 months done!

So that was AQS! A fine time was had by all & I can’t wait for next year! Hope you all enjoyed the pics!

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