Batik Block of the Month, Block 1

Situation: in Texas for an extended period of time with quite a bit of “down time” in my days

Solution: grab my sewing machine & that Block of the Month kit to keep me busy.

Some of you might be asking yourself a question- if it’s a Block of the MONTH kit, ummm how exactly is this supposed to keep me occupied for any length of time??

Well, I kinda cheated and bought the kit all at once.

My plan is to do a month a day, for 12 days, until I’m done. (you know, b/c I show absolutely no signs of obsessive compulsiveness šŸ™‚

Here’s block 1:

The blocks from left to right & top to bottom are as follows:
– wise eyes
– pinwheel
– flying geese
– bachelor’s puzzle

So month 1 is done with success, now let’s see how well I can keep up the momentum!

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