Batik BOM, Block 2

Today was the perfect piecing day! We woke up to rain & it remained dreary all morning- the best weather sitting at your sewing machine & getting some quilting done.

So here’s the second block:

The blocks here are:
– flying geese
– eddystone light
– pinwheels

Let’s see, what else have I been up to?
– reading “The Mood Cure”. Very interesting book about depression & the science behind the disease.
– listening to “The Off Kilter Quilter” podcast. Frances is a hoot & I enjoy her ramblings on quilting, books, gardening & life in general.
– doodling. In my defense this is an important part of improving my freemotion quilting, however the irony kills me! I never doodled as a kid! Well, ok, except in church. But that was 1 hour a week. Basically though I never doodled as kid- not like other kids- I never thought this would be an issue & it wasn’t until I became a machine quilter when I realized that all we really do is scribble on quilts with thread!!!! Then I really wished I had spent more time drawing as a kid & not paying so much attention in school.

Anyways, it’s getting late now & there are many books to read, so goodnight all!

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