Batik BOM, Block 3

Here’s 3:

Blocks here are:
– rail fence
– Arkansas traveler
– shoo fly
– clay’s choice. This block was named after Henry Clay, the politician from the 1800s. It is very interesting they named this his “choice” because that man was definitely opinionated. He opposed manifest destiny, the annexation of Texas, and was known as a warhawk, apparently being a crucial figure in leading the U.S. in the War of 1812. Yet in all of this, he was known as a great compromiser, helping draft several important treaties, such as the Missouri Compromise.

Interesting. Not sure if I meant this blog post to be about 19th century politicians, but I do find the naming of quilt blocks to be interesting.

I wonder what the woman who first coined the name of this block was like. I’m assuming she was a supporter of Clay, but I wonder if there was something particular about his policies she identified with. Or maybe she just greatly opposed the annexation of Texas. (And being a texan myself, I understand why she
maybe didn’t want this state in the Union.)

Whatever the reason behind her choice in names, this one stuck throughout the century- not a minor feat when you think that quilt blocks at that time were passed from neighbor to neighbor, with very little documentation & “hoopla” behind them.

This reminds me of the Obama icon/symbol/campaign logo that some knitters adapted into a pattern & around the election you saw that logo knitted up on everything from mittens to hats to sweaters on Ravelry.

If you’re wondering if this post is going anywhere, I’m going to tell you no. Nope. This is just some crazy ramblings of a Quilter who is sleep deprived & has an overactive mind that jumps from fabric to history to economic policy to math ratios all while assembling a measly quilt block. This is a small taste what actually goes on in my head while I’m sitting at the sewing machine for several hours at a time.

Anyways, thanks for reading to the end all- you’re great sports to keep up with me!

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