Batik BOM, Block 4

Still plugging away over here. Got the 4th month done today!

The blocks are as follows:
– flying dutchman
– pinwheel
– windmill
– three nancy’s

And some comments about the blocks.

First of all, if you are familiar with quilt blocks, you’ve probably recognized that the flying dutchman is umm, not right. Not quite sure what I was thinking, but it wasn’t until I was completely done that I realized they were out of order. Oh well, so my flying dutchman are a little confused. I’m imagining they just visited some coffeehouses šŸ™‚

Second, the pinwheels. What is up with pinwheels in this project? I feel like every package has had some. For the record, I’m not as fond of pinwheels as many other quilters are.

Third, the three nancy’s. I love this block! The color placement & fabric choices are wonderful! They remind me of coffee! Lots & lots of espresso & lattes & americanos! It almost makes me want to make a quilt out of these colors! Hmmmm, maybe my next project???

On another note, the 4 yr old nephew discovered my sewing area. No disasters yet, but he did sit on my lap & learn how to guide fabric. And he managed the pincushion. 4 yr olds are very good pincushion managers :). He also found my bag of scraps & the ruler on my machine- which he then proceeded to measure all the scraps- but since he doesn’t understand inches, they were “years old”. It was adorable!

Well, know that he knows about my area, sewing tomorrow is going to be interesting. I’ll let you know how successful or unsuccessful that goes!

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