Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Fall 2011!

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is back!  Wohoo!  I participated a few years ago, and I’m back again!
This quilt is for Elvin:
Elvin is the sweetest octogenarian in Lincoln, Nebraska!
I met him through a dear friend, when one day I said “I need storage for all these cones of thread.”
A few weeks later, a thread rack was custom made for me!
Then came along a setup to hang all my quilting rulers in because “he wanted something to work on!”
Another day I mentioned how I needed a ruler deck for my longarm & the commercial ones they sold for my machine weren’t up to snuff.
Elvin made me one that was perfect for ruler work!
Then in the eternal attempt of “modifying” my longarm setup, I needed to trim some conduit.
Let me warn you- I am NOT the handiest person in the world, but I believe that with Google & some gumption, you can do just about anything.
Here I was, just about to start cutting & Elvin says “STOP!”
I normally don’t listen when people say stop (few people have a sense of adventure & if I listened every time told me to stop, well, let’s just say I’d still be living in Texas, having done nothing & gone no where.)
But I knew to listen to Elvin!
He came up to Omaha & taught me there was a lot more than just “trimming some conduit!”
So my friend & I decided he needed a quilt for all his awesomeness.
She pieced, I quilted, we found all the fabric in our stashes.
It’s a Carpenter’s Star Pattern, aka the “4 hour quilt.”
The quilting was super custom!
I did some computerized, some freehand & some ruler work.
It was a blast!
Best of all was seeing his face when WE got to surprise him finally!
Is there anything better than seeing someone wrapped up in love?

28 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Fall 2011!

  1. Your story of Elvin reminds me of my dad and all he does for me. My hubby isn’t very handy and I’d rather spend $$ on fabric than tools, so I ask him for help a lot. Reading your story makes me think maybe I should make him a thank-you quilt…but I doubt mine will be as beautiful as yours!

  2. This is a fabulous story! And just one more reason why I love quilts and the quilting community – making a quilt for someone, in my opinion, is a gift that really demonstrates how much you love them and appreciate them. I know when I am making a quilt for someone, I think of them the whole time I am stitching. Terrific quilt!

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