Batik Diamonds

Remember when I said I was playing with scraps a few weeks ago?

I ended up with a bunch of batik diamonds and slapped them up on my design wall in no particular order.  Nothing came to me immediately so my plan was to keep them there until something inspired me.

J came into the basement one evening, saw the diamonds on the wall & asked if he could reorganized them.

When I turned around from the quilting machine, I saw this:

I love the layout!  Now, I just need to spend sometime with geometry to figure the math to finish the top!

On the book front, I read “The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls” in one evening.  It was a great quick read about southern families and secrets told from the various female characters.

Well, Rizzo is telling me he needs some attention, so I’ll wrap this up now.  Dang cat!

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