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It’s been an odd week around here.

I was in a position where everything I NEEDED to do was put on hold for one reason or another.  So one would think I would use this time to finish those other projects I have going that aren’t necessarily important.


I decided to start some new projects.  🙂

Got out my scrap bins & started playing with fabric.  Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, just sewing fabric pieces together.  It was soothing.  Relaxing.  Restorative.

I also moved my furniture around again in the studio.  I think I’m happy with the setup now.

But now time has caught up with me & all the pieces I need to finish my important projects just got handed to me today.  So I’d better get to work.

But one more distraction to share with you before I focus:  Podcasts.

I came to listen to podcasts by accident.  I was planning a 12 drive in the car & wanted to listen to something different.  Decided to download some “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” episodes, when that led me check out crafting podcasts, which led me to quilting podcasts, which is now my company while I’m in the studio quilting away.

Here are some of my favorites (quilting & non quilting related):

The Off Kilter Quilt– funny, down to earth, Frances always makes me smile!
The History Quilter– Susan quilts, gardens, cooks & loves history- who wouldn’t love her?
Hip to Be a Square– Pam is our resident geeky quilter!
Crafty Garden Mom– Tanesha has AWESOME book reviews!
Freakonomics Radio– *sigh*  I will still always be an economist in my heart….
The Mental Illness Happy Hour– don’t be put off by this title- it’s done very well- just try one episode
Life Habits– Another mental health podcast, one of the better ones out there I think.  Very positive focused, it’s almost like having a “life coach” without paying the crazy fees.

So I hope you download some of these & try them out.  If you have podcasts you like, please share them!  Now I really need to get to work!

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