A Cleaning Routine

Flylady is full of *&*#$%.
For me a least.
I came to this realization a few weeks ago when I finally became fed up with my messy house.  Being the incredibly analytical person I am, I started to think through WHY I was unable to keep a clean house on the Flylady system & it all came down to the 15 minutes of cleaning premise.
Note:  This is not going to be a Flylady bashing post, instead this is about how I came to figure out how I needed to keep a house.
If you’re not familiar with Flylady, her basic idea is that everything can be done in 15 minutes a day.  Sounds great, right?
And I do really like that idea- it works great for straightening up every evening, going through those piles of overwhelming clutter, etc.  But for some reason I couldn’t keep the house clean.  It still always felt like I was battling cat hair and dirt & chasing after cleaning supplies.
The most frustrating part was knowing that, in previous stages of my life, I kept a fairly clean house & most of all- I LIKE keeping a house!  I’m one of those few women in the world who loves the fact that I get to stay home to keep the house running!  I’m also one of those women who read Home Comforts front to back when she was in high school!  So what was my problem?
Well, what did I do then?
Back then, I used to take one day a week (usually Saturday) and clean every nook & cranny, do all the laundry, then collapse on the couch after 3 hours and enjoy the clean smells.
So why didn’t I just do the same thing in our current house?
Well, first of all our current house is as least twice as big as any of those places.
Then, I did actually try to do that one day, big clean, but again, with all this space, no matter how hard I tried- it took about 8 hours & I was horribly exhausted (& let’s be honest- probably pretty B*&$%Y too).
Then, in a moment of cleverness (or divine inspiration?), I realized what would work.
First of all, I assembled my cleaning bucket (see pic above).  This would have everything I need as I go from room to room cleaning.
Then, I would break the house into 2 parts- upstairs & downstairs.  One week I would scour upstairs, the next downstairs & so on.
During that designated day, I would do all the laundry, so no longer would clean clothes be sitting in the laundry basket, waiting 2 weeks to be folded.
I’ve been on this routine now for 3 weeks & so far, it’s been going great!  Now it just takes me 2 hours to scrub & I finally have that large sense of accomplishment I was missing with the Flylady system.
And that sense of accomplishment is what I needed- the 15 minute thing didn’t feel like an achievement of any kind & it was too much to do the whole house in one go.
The part that amazes me is that it’s taken me 2 years living in this house to figure this out!!  Yeesh!

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