Bargello Table Runner

Remember when I told you about Katie’s Bargello QAL?

I decided I needed to do a tablerunner (because, you know, I have nothing else on my plate right now).  Since a tablerunner is fairly small, I decided to dive into my scraps & see what I could use.  I came up with these fabrics that were already cut into 2.5″ strips!!!

Then I sewed them together into long strips & I opted for a total of 3 sets as I like my tablerunners long:

Then I folded them in half & sewed my segments into tubes:

Now for the next bit, I don’t have any photos for you (sorry!), but then you cut the tubes into 2.5″ strips & then with some ripping you get strips that you can put together & eventually they look like this:

I only have a few more strips left to sew onto the runner (I decided to use all my strips) so it’s almost ready to quilt!  Wohoo!
This has been a great project so far & I’m getting an itch to make more bargello quilts.  Ahhhhh, so many exciting projects to make eventually!!!!

One thought on “Bargello Table Runner

  1. I know that feeling. I have to keep a list of future projects or I will forget.

    Your table runner is gorgeous! The blues remind my of deep rippling water. I’m also a big fan of Batiks.

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