Batik BOM, Blocks 9 & 10

I’m back working on the Batik BOM quilt top!
Month 9:

And the blocks, starting with the large block on the left, then moving clockwise.
– Gentleman’s Fancy- I messed this block up royally & had to purchase the brown & the orange due to some bad cutting.  Only a few of my corners match, but at this point, I really don’t care.
– Flying Geese- Oh look.  More flying geese
– Whirligig- at least it’s a variation of a pinwheel block!

Here’s Month 10:

This is my favorite set so far- I love all the blues, greens & yellows. Sooooo pretty together!
Here are their names, starting top left, moving clockwise
– Marlene (uhhh, yeah, wasn’t sure that was the “traditional” name for this block & it turns out in Judy Martin’s 501 Rotary Quilt Blocks it’s a Crystal Star.)
– LeMoyne Star
– Pinwheel (oh yes!  We can’t have a month without them!)
– Marge (Again, looked this up in Judy Martin’s book & she calls it a “Mosaic.”)

Alrighty, must get back to the quilting machine now!

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