Farmer’s Wife!

Probably a year ago or so, I picked up a copy of the Farmer’s Wife.

If you’re not familiar with this book, it’s based on a contest held in 1922 by The Farmer’s Wife magazine asking its readers the question: “If you had a daughter of marriageable ago, would you, in the light of your own experience, want her to marry a farmer?”  About 80 or so years later, the author, Laurie Aaron Hird, designed 111 blocks inspired by these entries.

Since I live in Nebraska, it’s an understatement to say this quilt has been popular 😉  A LQS is hosting a BOM & I joined in towards the end of the program so I could get all the months at once.  (Even though it’s not even possible for me complete this or any BOM in one month, or two- I dislike BOMs- I’d rather get the entire kit at once.)  Well, needless to say it just sat in studio until my friends (who are actual farmer’s wives) gave me the push I needed to get started!

We’ve been getting together every now & then to work on the blocks.  They measure 4″ finished (so yes, that’s small.  Really small)

Here are the 1st 9 blocks:
1- Attic Windows (this was deceptively easy- I should have known…..)

2- Autumn Tints (Didn’t have my book with me when I did this, so my 4-patches are actually off!)

3- Basket (Darn machine applique- that handle was not fun!  Need to improve that skill this year!)

4- Basket Weave (Amazingly enough with all my piecing experience, I seem to be incapable of following a pattern- thus, it’s my own version of a basket weave)

5- Bat Wing (Need to read the letter that inspired this block.  It’s got to be a story)

6- Big Dipper (That’s a lot of quarter square triangles friends.)

7- Birds in the Air (Just when I was gaining my confidence on doing 4″ blocks, they throw this at us.  Yeeash.  All I can say is there was a lot of nasty language.)

8- Bouquet (Easy peasy after that last block!)

9- Box (And suddenly I forget how to do half square triangles…….)

That’s the first “month!”  Stay tuned for more tiny block goodness!

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife!

  1. Hey Robin,
    I’m in your Yahoo 18:8group…and should be starting this in a few weeks! Just got the book as a present from a friend I will be making it with…that will be fun.
    Did you finish your yet?

    1. Hi Laura!!!

      I’m faaaar from finishing this quilt top- so far in fact that I try not to think about it too hard! Good luck on your quilt- maybe we can share quilting ideas!

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