Some Days You Need Scraps

The other day I happened to look over at my scrap bins & I noticed that 2 of my 3 scrap bins were over flowing:

At first I just turned my back to ignore them, but a thought came to my mind.  “I’ve been doing so many intricately pieced blocks that require very precise cutting.  It would be lovely to cut the same piece 100 times.  Wait a second!  I can cut 5″ squares & strips of various widths from those bins!”

So that was my day, ironing, measuring, cutting all while listening to podcasts.  It was great.  And while it wasn’t at all what I *needed* to be doing- I did need some down time & this was the perfect project.

Here’s my nice pile of 5″ squares:

Just 200 more where those came from & maybe I’ll have enough to do some of the Nickle Quilts by Pat Speth I’ve been admiring for years…..

4 thoughts on “Some Days You Need Scraps

  1. Can I get some of your initiative to cut 5″ squares from scraps…thru cyberspace, just by watching you do it? OH!! I wish!!

    I have very large/tall laundry bins full of scraps. They have been wailing for me to tame them and organize them… I might have to get ear muffs soon if I don’t do something about them! =P



    1. Sending you lots of initiative through the great Internet! It feels so good to have then cut- I have enough to make some more quilts now & I didn’t even have to spend any money!

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