Winter Sowing on Homekeeping Monday!

Hey everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of February!!  What happened?  Oh yeah, the migraine, the quilt retreat & that pesky migraine again.

Good news is I have new meds & glasses, so the migraines *should* be going away!  Those & daily ginger tea to stave off the daily nausea that tells me a headache is coming…..

Back to my “real” life….

It’s the middle of February and I have that gardener’s spring itch.  I want to get started on my seeds, tilling my plot & well, just get moving.  But for those of you that live in zone 5, you’re chuckling too because well, it’s too early. (Did the snow forecast give it away?)

Or so I thought!

I came across Winter Sowing on Pinterest. (evil, evil Pinterest!!!  Worst time sucker than Solitaire!)  Did a little research & decided, what the heck- why not try it here in our snow covered state of Nebraska.  What’s there to lose?

So I gathered my recyclables, soil, seeds & duct tape & made one container.  Since I’m taking the recyclable road, my garden is going to grow slowly (you know, as we drink a gallon of milk a week), but that’s ok.  (Only, I wonder what our next door neighbors who are trying to sell their house are thinking!)

So here’s the start of it.  In the meantime I’m researching ways to grow potatoes & shallots (we eat an insane amount of shallots) & lettuce.

And if you’re on Pinterest, you can follow my homekeeping & gardening boards!  Just search for!

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