National Quilting Day Recap

Did you know?

Last Saturday, March 17 was National Quilting Day!

I had a great day celebrating!

Several quilt shops semi near me were having a 20% everything sale, so I enjoyed some podcasts on my drive to the shops.  By 9:30 I was at the first shop where I purchased this Creative Grids ruler & an Amy Butler jelly roll!  I’d heard great things about the Creative Grids rulers (clear grippy dots, finer lines for more precise cuts), & then I tried one out at the last quilting retreat– wow these are nice!  I’m going to be slowly replacing my Ofla’s.  And for that jelly roll- I know just the quilt I want to make!
Then by 9:45 I was off to the second quilt shop.  (yes, you read that correctly, 15 minutes in a quilt shop, I shop strategically.  No dilly dallying around here.)
I actually got the the 2nd shop before they opened at 10. They were nice & let me in at 9:50.   This store sells some longarm supplies, so I looked over their stock.  Nothing was what I particularly wanted or needed, so I just picked up what my friend asked me to get her & I was out the door back home by 10:10.
Then there was a bit of a non-quilty break with a visit to the library, brunch with J & grocery shopping.  Once back home though, it was all about the quilting!
I finished up the quilting a UFO that’s been hanging around for about 6 years!  Wohoo! I’m so excited! This was completely freehand w/ some ruler work.  I decided to practice my swirls on the quilt- they definitely improved by the end!  (btw, this pattern is called Four Square Blossom by Sew Be It, I added an additional row to make it more useable in our house.)
Then I went to load a customer’s quilt on the frame & realized I didn’t have the right shade for the bobbin thread, so back I went to another quilt shop!
That quilt is almost done & looks great- can’t wait to show you the finished pics!
Whew, so that was National Quilting Day!

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