Monthly Archives: April 2012

Pick the Path with Pansies

Last year at AQS Des Moines, I took a piecing class.

I know.
What, Robin took a piecing class??
Yes, & I think it was my first piecing class in about 4 years!

But this class wasn’t like most piecing classes.  Kathryn Schmidt was teaching “Rule-Breaking Quilts” based on her book.

I purchased this book a year or so before & couldn’t quite bring myself to work through her steps.  It was a letting go issue.  It was an “oh no, I’m going to cut fabric & mess it up & ruin it” issue.  You know, basic fear.

So when I saw she was teaching this class, I decided to jump for it & force myself to work outside the box.

I grabbed a set of fat quarters from my mom’s stash that I didn’t care about:

And was determined to conquer my fear.

Well the class was amazing.  Kathryn is an fantastic teacher- if you ever get the chance to learn from her, I say jump at the chance!  She brought an amazing display of quilts based on her “rule-breaking” method & everyone was jaw droppingly inspiring!

By the time the class ended I felt confident in my ability to cut, slash, chop & sew back together without fear & yet, still have a cohesive/balanced quilt in the end.

I went home & finished project.

Here is the end result:

Overall I’m very pleased with it, I even challenged myself to try some new free motion quilting designs!

Now I just have to add a hanging sleeve so I can have this on my wall in my studio, always reminding myself to try something new, challenge myself, and not to be afraid of a new path.

Weekend Wrap-Up & Other Stuff

Whew!  That was a busy couple of weeks!

We had a friend to visit, so between prepping for that & Holy Week at church, there went some time.  I did manage to plant some potatoes on Good Friday (per an Old Wive’s Tale).  Here’s my first planting:

Our friend (who’s always up for trying something new), didn’t mind helping me figure out how to setup this “urban gardening method” of potato planting.  (She’s such a sport!)

Then I’ve been finishing some knitting projects.  My knitting bag is overflowing, so I took some time to finish projects:
A bunny made from leftover bamboo yarn:

A dish scrubbie from leftover cotton yarn:

A swiffer cloth from more leftover cotton yarn:

And I’m *almost* done with a cardigan I started when I got my wisdom teeth out last year- just need to block the collar- then I’ll post some pics.

But where’s the quilting?  After all, this is a quilting blog!  I know, I know.  Those pics with be uploaded shortly, stayed tuned for those posts!