The Power of a Few Minutes

We’ve all heard how you can get so much done in just a few minutes, right?
I seriously didn’t believe them until this weekend.

It was another busy weekend in our lives with a large church event I was co-hosting (picnic & small carnival) & a ton of other stuff to include going out with J for our traditional Memorial day meal at Firebirds (Firebirds is very generous to vets), meetings & enough errands to make me not enter another store for one month!

But I stole a few minutes every time I had a small break (if I didn’t fall asleep & take a nap first!) & was amazed at my accomplishments at the end!

Finished some Farmer’s Wife blocks: (forgive the crappy photos)

Finished a customer’s quilt:

& started this project: (which included figuring out the angles needed to square this- the pattern had it finishing into a decagon & I didn’t want that shape)

I’m still in shock over how much I finished over little bits of time in 4 days!

2 thoughts on “The Power of a Few Minutes

  1. Love your farmers wife blocks, you are the second person talking about those blocks, looks intriguing and small. I love doing small blocks.

    1. Yes, these finish at 4″! They are quite addictive- more so than I ever thought! Already planning the next tiny block quilt- maybe a Dear Jane?

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