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Pink & Green Baby Quilt with Swirls

Remember this baby quilt?

It’s all finished now!

I opted for an apple green minky on the back.  Minky is super soft & just delightful!

To add to the texture assortment I used pink satin for the binding.  This was also my first time to experiment with machine binding that went from back to front.  It turned out great & I think that will be my machine binding method.

For the quilting I practiced 3’s & E’s.  I learned this in a class with Rebecca Segura.  I think it was perfect for this quilt!

Purple Hopscotch

A few years ago I pieced this Hopscotch quilt top using purple batiks:

I finally got around to quilting it recently.
When I quilt personal quilts, everything I do is an experiment in which I try out new designs or work to improve other patterns- but I usually always custom quilt them.

On this quilt I decided to try out a “coffee bean” meander in the outer border & a double loop in the inner border. For the center I opted for an overall swirl pattern.

I’m very pleased with out it came out!

Random Monday

– J & I went to Michigan this weekend & we passed the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile on the way…
– I learned there are actually roads in Detroit called “Ford Road” & “Pontiac Trail.”  This is something a Southerner has to see to believe…
– I was reminded again of the fact that Michigan drivers drive fast.  Highway driving was wonderful this weekend!
– Big cities (well, cities larger than Omaha) have wonderful stores like Ikea & REI.  Btw, Ikea cinnamon rolls are amazing….
– In prepping for this trip last week was pure insanity.  Thank God I have a dear husband who doesn’t mind running out to Walmart at 10pm on the night before we have to drive 12 hours to buy me more Velcro so I can finish a walker bag for his grandmother….
– Here is said walker bag:

– I also managed to finish & mail a baby quilt for J’s cousin last week.  Pics to come….
– I also finished another grommet bag…
– I also taught the quilted table runner class.  The students pieces are beautiful!  Pics to come also….
– Needless to say, just sitting & sipping my coffee this morning felt like heaven….
– On the road, we listened to Quiet (the book about introverts) & Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Both were great & we need to finish them as well.  We paused & talked too much about the books so 24 hours in the car wasn’t nearly enough time to finish 12 hours of audio…
– Now we’re home & settling back into the routine.  I love the fresh start feeling I get the first days back from a trip…..
– One of my first goals is to tackle my studio.  It’s in serious need of some cleaning.  Or at least just straightening….

My Niece is Getting Married!

My niece is getting married!Time to make her something pretty for her house!

After chatting with my sister I discovered her dining room colors are cranberry & tea dyed muslin.  That made me think immediately of the French General fabric lines…

Luckily one of my LQS’s had a charm pack of Rouennieres (the link is actually to the 1st line of fabric issued back in 09.  I purchased the 2nd line recently released- mostly it’s the same- you get the idea) & some coordinating fabric for a border…..

After trolling the internet for charm pack friendly table runners, I found this at the Moda Bake Shop….

Then I spent time learning how to make hexies from my 60 degree triangle.  I hope to put a tutorial on that here shortly……

Finally, I could start piecing.

Then I did some pretty quilting…..

And finally we have this:

Here’s another:

A detailed pic of the quilting:

A pic of the back to see the quilting:

Basic Quilting Recap:
In each hexie is a flower.
In each small triangle I did continuous curves
In the inner border I did a ribbon design
In the outer border I did a swirly leaf.

When I finished I knew that *I* loved it & I really hoped my niece would too!

Turns out she does!  And some of her friends! (She lives on the East Coast & I actually mailed it in time for the bridal shower.  I’m always amazed when I’m not late with a quilty present!)

So while it was fun to choose the fabrics, the pattern, learn a new technique, and play with new quilting designs, the best part is that my niece likes it too.

Now we’re waiting for the wedding- to take place this fall on the beach!  Our family is incredibly excited!

WIP Wednesday

My Work In Progress (WIP) this week is this baby quilt:

I pieced it a few years ago.  I’m now in desperate need of a baby quilt for a girl.  Thank goodness for UFOs (unfinished objects)!

The picture shows it in pieces, although it is fully pieced (yes, it really is & I actually know where this is currently living in the studio- that alone is a feat!)

This weekend (or today) I hope to quilt this up.  I might use some apple green minky I have on hand (don’t ask) or some apple green fleece (if I have enough) for the backing. (aside….when I use fleece as a backing I typically don’t use batting….)

As for total WIPs in general.  Yeesh, that’s a big number.  According to Threadbias, it’s 30.

As for PIGs (projects in bags), the number is somewhere around 10.

So with that reality at 8:30 in the morning, I’m going to get to work!  I have another quilt that just needs binding, so if I move it, I can get that number down to 28 easily.  And that just looks so much nicer than 30.

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Happy Anniversary

Today 51 years ago, my parents were married in Staten Island, New York, their hometown.  Sadly, they were only together 39 years before diabetes took my mother.

My dad jokes that he & my mom only had a handful of dates before they were married (although they knew each other for years attending the same high school).  There wasn’t much time for dating at the Naval Academy!

They had 4 daughters together & lived the military life until settling down in Texas.  They had some great assignments spending most of the time in Spain, Puerto Rico & Florida (what a tough life!)

I searched & searched for a picture of them together.  My dad was the camera guy, so there are lots of pics of my mom & sisters, less of them all together & a handful of just the two of them.  This is them at the Cortijo de La Plata in Spain in the early 70s.  I love this picture of them together.

Some crazy & notable facts about my parents:
– We still have my mom’s ID tag that the New York City Schools assigned every child during World War II.
– My dad remembers ration cards & his mom trying to get enough meat for the week.
– My mom loved baking.  One time in high school she told her mom she had dinner covered.  Turns out her plan was pies, cookies & cakes.
– My dad was on duty when the USS Thresher imploded– he was the officer in charge that evening & was one of the first people to see the debris when they weren’t sure if the sub had been attacked.
– My parents lived in Spain under Franco’s rule.  When I asked my mom what this was like.  She simply answered “You just didn’t walk around at night.”
– My dad always made it home for Christmas.  No mater where in the world his ship was- he always came home for Christmas.  Every. Single. Year. From 1961-1981.
– Church was hugely important to my mom.  When they moved to a new station, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d found a church & joined it before the moving truck came to deliver the furniture.
– Their first “non-east coast” assignment was when my dad went to grad school at Texas A&M in Bryan, Texas.  The New Yorkers in them were amazed that people could be so nice & trusting.  Thus, they wanted to settle in Texas.
– My mom paid for nursing school by working at the Singer Sewing Machine factory in New York City.  Her minister connected her into a man who needed a summer secretary.  She always said you could make good contacts at church!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Bargello Table Runner

I just realized I never blogged about my finished Bargello Table Runner.

It was a free tutorial hosted by Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner.

I used 2 1/2″ strips I had leftover from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt I made back in Alaska.

I quilted it first doing ruler work to create the diagonal lines for movement.  Then I did back & forth freehand squiggles to further emphasis movement.

I bound it with leftover binding from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

It’s much longer than Katie’s pattern called for (I think I did an entire extra set of strips) because I like long tablerunners (I personally don’t care for table runners that don’t go off the edge of the table).

It was easy & a good “no brainer” project.

Best of all it looks pretty on our table!

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Garden Update

I haven’t given a garden update in a while, so here’s the status of the plants:

The tomatoes are growing happily….

de-suckered them & decided to try rooting the stems in water.  It’s all an adventure in this gardening thing, so we’ll see how it goes…

Here’s the potato plant from the seeds I obtained locally & planted after Good Friday (& thus after the last frost).  This should turn out successful!

Here’s the potato plant from the certified organic seeds I purchased online & planted on Good Friday.  Not sure what happened, but at first I thought they were a lost cause, now it seems they just had a slow start….

Here are J’s cayenne peppers.  We dry these & crush them.  He says they’re the best on our homemade pizzas.  I also like to add a pinch in our meatloaf ala Jamie Oliver. (recipe from his Food Revolution book.  Best.  Meatloaf.  Ever.)

Lastly, here are the basil & string bean plants.  We like to make pesto & freeze it in snack bags.  It’s makes the perfect portions for those frozen raviolis.  The string beans are an experiment.

The gardening hobby around here is truly an experiment.  I always loved doing the little gardening I did as a kid & wanted to grow my own veggies to use in cooking.  I don’t know much & am really learning as I go.  Thankfully J likes to dabble in this with me.  If we succeed & get to eat some homegrown goodness, yay!  If something happens & we get nothing, that’s ok too.

Upcoming Classes

I just updated the Classes page with the July schedule!

Check out the details on these great projects!

Baby Blocks.  This is a Marci Baker pattern & much easier than it looks- it’s all strip pieced!

Mr. Crab (mini quilt).  Isn’t he adorable?

Quilted Grommet Bag.  This came together so fast & I made the whole thing from scraps!

I hope you join us for these great upcoming classes!